Tuesday, 17 April 2012

O Is For...Original Recipe(s)

The fifteenth post for the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge, O Is For... Original Cuisine:

I'm not much of cook, I'm much better at defrosting. That doesn't really lend itself to many original recipes. I do have one recipe that I'm quite proud of. Combining elements of North African cuisine with that of wherever tomato soup is from. I suppose you could call it an example of fusion, but only if you're being very generous:

One or two, depending on how hungry you are.

1 tin of Tomato Soup, henceforth referred to as Red Soup
1 packet of couscous

1. Prepare the couscous.

2. Heat the Red Soup.

3. Pour the couscous into the Red Soup.

4. Stir and serve without bread.

- - - - -

Not all my culinary experiments are as successful, or as intentional. My girlfriend enjoys pesto on a pizza. I think it's madness myself, but she likes it so I obligue. As there was more reheating than actual cooking involved I was trusted to apply the pesto. Presumably the responsibility went to my head and I neglected to read the jar and accidentally created:

Hopefully nobody ever again.

1 Pizza
Far too many dollops of Green Thai Curry Paste

1. Preheat oven to cook your pizza.

2. Add about six dollops of Green Thai Curry Paste, but crucially remain under the illusion that it's actually pesto.

3. Cook the pizza with its ominous green puddles.

4. Serve. Then apologise profusely and get your unfortunate victim a glass a water quickly.

*Please don't cook this it was horrible. You can't win them all.


Unknown said...

I love the simplicity of this. It reminds me of my husband's cooking. Only he sings like the swedish chef from the muppets when he cooks.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You had me at Thai!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol. it sounds horrible. I want to go out and try green curry paste because of it, just maybe not on pizza...

Sara Hill said...

I think you've learned precisely "how not to have to cook." Please don't tell my husband. :)

hayles77 said...

Nom nom nommmmmmmm??? :-)

Dave said...

Melanie, when it comes to cooking I'm definitely a bit simple.

Alex, nice.

doreeweller, it was. I think you're only suppose to use a teaspoonful, not multiple tablespoonsful.

Sara Hill, maybe "how not to have to cook." should be the name of my cookbook.

hayles77, nom indeed.