Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Miracles Of Marta Manole, Excerpt 4

This is the last scene that I wrote for The Miracles Of Marta Manole.

The dialogue written for Nula was a servant of two masters. Obviously, it had to serve the narrative and the character, but I was also very aware that Nikki Bozdogan who played the part deserved some good dialogue because she was being marked for this just as much as I was.

It quickly transpired that Nula was a very physical part and Nikki worked very hard on mannerisms that showed her character far better than any of the dialogue written for her.

I have absolutely no idea what "Dvaska moh me, mo moo valle" means now, I'm sure it was vitally important:

Tzagoi empties the bucket, and rattles it until Nula enters out of curiosity.

Tzagoi: There you are.

Nula stops, and cranes to look into the bucket.

Tzagoi: Do you even know what you are?
Nula: Nula.
Tzagoi: That's just a name. You're a bastard daughter of a bastard daughter.
Nula (it's not the first time she's heard the word): Bastard.
Tzagoi: A miscarriage of nature.

Tzagoi is still preventing her from seeing into the bucket.

Nula: Game.
Tzagoi: Yes, game.
Nula (imploringly): Nula see.

Nula cranes to see, Tzagoi blocks her view.

Tzagoi (out loud, but to Nula): That's right: "What's in the bucket?"
Tzagoi: It's just a game.
Tzagoi: Everybody wants to play.
Nula: Nula play.

Tzagoi shoves Nula.

All: Dvaska moh me, mo moo valle.

Tzagoi shoves Nula twice more.

Tzagoi: If you win, you get what's in the bucket.
Tzagoi: And if I win, everything goes back to the way it should be.

Tzagoi grabs Nula by the scruff of the neck and forces her head into the bucket, there is clearly water in it.
Tzagoi: But either way, you still get to see what's in the bucket!

Nula: Same eyes.

Tzagoi throws Nula away from him and then the bucket after her.

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