Thursday 15 March 2012

The Miracles Of Marta Manole, Excerpt 3

This scene of Tzagoi looking after Mitke was staged side-by-side with a scene showing Hogea and Nula's relationship going through similar adversity, but with a more positive result. I think the visuals worked better than the dialogue:

Mitke mumbles something unintelligible.

Tzagoi: Oh good, what is it this time?

Mitke mumbles some more.

Tzagoi: Yeah, couldn't agree more. Are you cold?

Mitke mumbles something negative and shakes his head.

Tzagoi: I think you're cold.

Tzagoi adjusts Mitke's coat. Mitke mumbles again and realisation dawns on Tzagoi. Reluctantly he lifts Mitke from his seat and helps him to a bucket. He steadies his father as he pisses into the bucket, for an interminable length of time. Tzagoi helps him back down.

Tzagoi: Do you want anything? No, don't answer that, neither of us has enough time.

Tzagoi yawns.

Tzagoi: I'd love to stay and…actually no I wouldn't.

Mitke tries to say something.

Tzagoi: I'm going. I'll see you tomorrow.

Tzagoi exits.

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