Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Miracles Of Marta Manole, Excerpt 2

This is the second scene I wrote for The Miracles of Marta Manole, it concerns Tzagoi and Hogea discovering their mother's body and then having a converation with her.

The introductory stage directions below are entirely inaccurate, instead Hatzidah entered, built her own coffin from the planks we were using as a set and began knitting, which is a far, far better beginning than what I've written below.

I found it a lot easier to write for Hatzidah and Hogea than Tzagoi, which surprised me.

Reading this many years later I was very proud of it. I like the matter of fact nature of Hatzidah's dialogue:

Tzagoi and Hogea return home to find Hatzidah lying down; the audience don't see her face. She's dead, nothing fancy just dead; she is also sat in a chair away from her corpse. Tzagoi approaches the corpse, Hogea does not.

Tzagoi: Hogea, don't look.
Hogea: Don't look at what?

Hogea looks at the corpse, Hogea jumps at the sight. Hogea weeps at the thought.

Hatzidah: Boys.

Hogea jumps even higher.

Hatzidah: Don't worry Hogea.

She moves to comfort Hogea.

Tzagoi: I told you not to look.
Hatzidah: Tzagoi! He's upset, what is it, dear?
Hogea: You're dead.
Tzagoi: What happened mama?
Hatzidah: Well I don't know. Everything just sort of stopped, but here I am.

Hatzidah rises.

Tzagoi: That's it?
Hatzidah: What more do you want?
Tzagoi: I don't know, angels, harps? Maybe some singing.
Hogea: Who cares? Mama is dead.
Hatzidah: Some singing would have been nice.

She starts to sing something relevant in the background.

Hogea: Tzagoi, how can this be happening? What did we do to deserve this?
Tzagoi: That's enough.
Hogea: What's it like, being dead?

Tzagoi moves to leave but remains on the periphery.

Hogea (unaware of Tzagoi): Being d-?
Hatzidah (fully aware of Tzagoi): Dead?
Hogea: Yes, how does it feel?
Hatzidah: Empty.
Hogea (emotionally): Is it peaceful?
Hatzidah: Peaceful, with all these questions!
Hatzidah: Come here, my Hogea.

Hatzidah hugs Hogea.

Hatzidah: Hogea, promise me that you will look after your brother. Tzagoi is proud, he won‘t ask for help, he takes after his father too much for that.
Hogea: And father?
Hatzidah: Oh, he can't look after himself, so don‘t expect him to look after the two of you.
Hogea: Where is father?
Hatzidah: Where do you think? He's in the whore's bar.
Hogea: What's a whore?
Hatzidah: Ask your father, when he brings one home.
Tzagoi: Hogea, go and find father.
Hatzidah: Does he have to?

Hatzidah looks at a distressed Tzagoi.

Hatzidah: Oh, I suppose he does.
Hogea: OK, I'll go, but you be here when I get back.

Hogea exits slowly.

Hatzidah: Come here, you.
Tzagoi: What?
Hatzidah: Don't 'what' your mother. Now sit down next to me.

Tzagoi does so and his mother places his head across her knees and strokes his hair.

Hatzidah: That's better.
Tzagoi: Mama, will everything be alright?
Hatzidah: No, it never is.

Mitke enters.

Hogea: Where were you? WHERE WERE YOU?!
Mitke: It's not your business to ask me where I was- What about you, you'll be the death of your mother.

Mitke notices Hatzidah.

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