Monday, 3 October 2011

Five Days 'Til Thirty

After the first twenty-five (1-5, 6-15, 16-25) daysworth of the Evening Standard list of thirty things to do before you're thirty.

Here are the last five daysworth of the Evening Standard list of thirty things to do before you're thirty.

Day 26
Find yourself

I'm over here.

Evening Standard: "The gap yah gag is largely funny because 18 is too young to think about anything meaningfully. However, 25 is not, and working out what you believe in should be wrapped up before family life takes over."

The Gap Yah gag isn't funny.

- - -

Day 27
Have a summer of love

That implies that the chances of summers of love are over as soon as you hit thirty.

ES: "What is a proper summer without a new fling and a hedonistic trip to Glasto? Go before you start caring about hygiene."

I've never been to Glastonbury, but I have been to Reading, V, Lovebox and the like. If you go to a festival and you're more bothered about some fling or hygiene, then you are in the wrong place. Or maybe go back on a different weekend when it's just a field.

- - -

Day 28
Get a second life

One's difficult enough.

ES: "Don't let work become life. Extracurricular activities could also help you unearth your real passion. Start a supper club, join a band or free-run through London."

I want my work to become life, I just need a bit more work.

- - -

Day 29
Sleep when you're dead


ES: "Everyone knows the best fun starts after midnight. A hangover at work? So what, Alka-Seltzer is your friend …"

"The best fun starts after midnight", well it did in Gremlins.
This is great advice. Why not just cut out the middleman and keep drinking? Be drunk at work? The streets of London are full of people who replace the kind of "extracurricular activities" mentioned above with drinking.

- - -

Day 30
Start a business


ES: "Four in 10 London undergraduates run their own businesses. Take the plunge while you still have nothing to lose."

I'm registered as self employed, so in that sense I am a business.

- - -

Marks out of thirty? I suppose about eleven.


Paul Joseph said...

I enjoyed reading this. I'll approach thirty soon enough, so this got me thinking about plenty of things I want to do - as well as what others would expect me to do. Your commentary is entertaining.

Sweet Lily said...


Dave said...

Thank you both.