Thursday 6 October 2011

Carruthers Cartoons #2

At times I have adapted other people's art for use in the Carruthers blog, here are a few examples:

Gi Lewis drew the original picture of Mr Carruthers' face, which became a silhouette and so Exhibit D features a combination of the aforementioned silhouette coloured a not particularly mustardy-sort-of-a-yellow and something from a game.

A tiny version of the same silhouette is somewhere in a Where's Wally picture The Gobbling Gluttons by Martin Handford, try and find him in Wally Folly. If you want to cheat, the answers are here.

For the first of our sitcom porn posts I amended the DVD covers of I'm Alan Partridge & Extras to sound filthier.

To accompany a set of mixed reviews I inserted a photograph of Andy and Mike from the sitcom porn video onto the screen in an empty cinema for Video Ga Ga

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