Friday, 21 October 2011

Please Release Me CD

I'm a big fan of radio drama, and yet I rarely manage to listen to it live. As with this post about unreleased DVDs, there are several audio stories that are as yet unavailable and I would love to see them released on CD:

Nebulous, series 2 & 3
The first series is currently available and it's criminal that the latter series haven't followed it.

- - -

The BBC has broadcast full cast adaptations of Discworld novels Mort, Wyrd Sisters, Guards! Guards!, Small Gods, The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents, Night Watch, as well as readings of The Colour of Magic, Equal Rites and Wee Free Men, and the first Johnny Maxwell novel Only You Can Save Mankind, but none have been made commercially available, despite the huge potential audience.

- - -

The League Of Gentlemen's Ghost Chase
It's a joy to listen to the reunited League members during their visit to a haunted house and I'd love to hear an At The BBC style release which collects their radio interviews and appearances with this documentary.

- - -

Any suggestions for radio and audio that really should be out on CD (or download) by now?

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