Saturday 6 February 2010

I've Run 26 Miles

By the time you read this I will be out running and I will have run 26 miles. There I've done it. That's it, I've run a marathon.

It's OK that I've run it in instalments, right?

We are running the marathon in costume, but which particular costume is entirely up to you. A few suggestions have been made already but there is still no frontrunner for a costume, so there is still everything to play for. If you make a donation you can make a suggestion as to our attire on the day, so there is still everything to pay for. The bigger your donation, the more likely your idea will get worn.

We now have a Facebook group with a wall to debate clothing options on, but costume recommendations unaccompanied by donations will fall on deaf ears. Here's a link to our Justgiving page, all the better to hear you with.

Total mileage to date = 31 miles
Total sponsorship to date = £122

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