Monday, 30 August 2010

Microfiction Monday #46

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but Stony River's Susan only wants 140 characters.

Here is this week's picture:

Here is my response:

Staring out of the car's rear windshield, Carl was certain they were the 33 longest miles on the face of the Earth.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Carruthers Camera #7

More photos taken for the Carruthers blog:

Pretty was taken unsurprisingly in a toilet. A gents toilet in Leyton.

Error is a message that appeared on my computer screen two doors down from a gents toilet in Leyton.

Piss is a photo of a sign in Bank station and accordingly found itself in a post about the trainspotting sketch.

Clearance was taken not far from the urine sign, except above ground, obviously.

My advice to anybody taking whimsical photos like this is be careful where you do so. Moral Decline was taken in a Didcot clothes shop and although there were no children about I was regarded with stares of mistrust as if I had just drowned a baby in semen.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Microfiction Monday #45

Another Monday, another microfiction. It's Susan at Stony River's weekly challenge: one image, one response in 140 characters or less.

Here is this week's image:

And here is my response:

In recent years, he had not been pulling his weight. Although now that wouldn't have amounted to much.

He was, very much, the silent partner.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


So the website is closed and the final count is in, but first a very big

Thank You


Garry Collier, Marleen, Beth Williams, Alan Williams, Tanya Jones, Sarah Holmes, Anne Howells, Carrie Parsons, Mary Nelson, Nelson Browne Management, Emily Wood, Maggie Davison, Teresa Walker, Nathan Onojaife, Anthony Quinn, Glen Barnham, Abigail Gallagher, Lowri @ Kings Place, Emrah, Emma @ Kings Place, Esther McAuley, Melanie Boyce, Iliana Flade, Jayne Dickinson, Mike Green (KPMF), Ellie Paskell, Erika Poole, Katie Ventress, Martin Carr, Simon Rhodes, Carl Barnes, Gary Merry, Barbara @ All Hallows, Anonymous, Mary Carroll, Stephanie Farrimond, Sanita Simms, Verity Clayton, Caroline Ginty, Dean Bavage, Mols, Jude and Finn, Andy Bloor, Melissa Anderson, Jean and Jon Miles, Bryan Evans, Nerys Lewis, Matt Hawksworth, Kathryn Wain, Deborah Scarborough, Mona Al, Donal & Rach, George, Jessie and Dorothy, Stephen Hicks & Simon Ives, O Nathapon, James Bisp, Abigail Tarttelin, Ros Harries, Sarah Daykin, Anna Masing, Mrs. Frequently, Holly Thomas, Ryan Forde Iosco, Christopher Nye, Jessica Stanley, Richard Doherty, Stephanie McWilliams, Karina Cornell, Lizzy Suffling, Gareth Owen, Nadia Nadif, Gavin French, Cat Nicholls, Lisa Rose, Nansi Eggleton, Nicola Berry, Alex Hornby, Ross Sadler, Sarah Wills, Patrick Harris, Pippa Neilson, Shubha Banerjee, Lucy V Hay, Carol-Ann Bavage, Simona Piantieri, Nia Davies, Anne Harskamp, Penny Davies, Anthony Clark, Ray Stahacz, Jay Venn, Laura Green, Nichola Doe, Sarah Holmes' Mum, Irwin, Alexandra Bell, Zoe & Glen, Valentina Cartago, Cameron Cook, Eleonore Mills, Ellie Pullen, Andrew Wain, Katy Organ, Dean Bavage (again), David Flynn, Ri McDaid-Wren, Antonia Christophers, Mike Jenkins, Zoe Cooper, Charlotte Moore, Ashley Williams, Spencer James, Melanie Boyce (also twice), Anne Howells, Anthony Howells, Claire Smith, Matthew Raymond, Lyndon Edwards, Penny Dimond, Bill & Sue Nelson, Penny Davies (extra), Gillian Crew and Ann Firbank.

Together you've raised....


There are some examples of what the money will spent on here.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Microfiction Monday #44

Last Monday I referred to Susan at Stony River's Microfiction Monday as a contest, when it's more accurately described as a meme, since as far as I'm aware there are no winners and no losers.

Here is this week's image:

And here is my 140 character or less response to it:

The black knight stood guard by choice. Until the rust made his choice for him.

He stared.

It was the most he could do.

Thursday, 12 August 2010


This was filmed for Behind The Bike Shed's show Hearts In The Gutter and was more recently shown as part of the Bike Shed Festival's Film Night. It was written by Gareth Brown and filmed by Benjamin Roberts. I play both Barry and the stern voiceover, although for some reason I was credited only for my 'Staring'. Maybe I stare particularly well.

My girlfriend said of Barry's accent that my attempt at a northern accent had improved since we recorded Pockets. I didn't like to point out that it wasn't that long ago that we filmed it. In my defence Barry's accent was supposed to be a bit rubbish. I'm sticking to that.

Sadly the website address does not exist.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Microfiction Monday #43

Microfiction Monday is a response to an image in 140 characters or less.

Here is the post for this week’s contest.

Here is the image:

And here is my response:

Stood on the beach, staring at nothing but clouds between sea and sky. He imagined the postcard’s view ahead.

He feared the spires might prick heaven and make God bleed.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

The Great Globe Itself

The Globe Players are a theatre company that provide theatre-in-education for schools and employment for actors, providing many actors, including myself, with their first Equity contract thus allowing them to join the union.

The Globe Players are also a family business with a legacy dating back nearly fifty years during which countless actors have worked with them and hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren have seen them perform. From traditional pantomimes for infants to Shakespeare shorts for secondary school children

Recent years have not been kind to the Globe Players and when the credit crunched other organisations, and ironically other globes, began to to encroach on their hard-earned territory.

Now a charity (Registered Charity 1131332) they are hoping to raise money to carry on the work, on the 31st of July a group of them performed a scene from Shakespeare at the end of every Shakespeare Road, Avenue, Crescent etc., in the greater London area.

I couldn't take part because it clashed with the third of the Bike Shed festival shows, so I contributed some cold hard cash instead and I encourage you to do the same, especially if you are an actor who has worked for them, a parent whose child has seen one or more of there shows, a child who grew up watching their shows or a teacher whose life they have made easier.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Carruthers Camera #6

Another set of photos I took that ended up on the Carruthers blog:

Not In Service became part of a trainspotting sketch post.

A post about Andy and Mike's Mayo song ended up with Wall Of Mayo. Thank you ASDA for having such an array of Mayos, thank you also to ASDA's clientele for leaving them in such disarray.

The sex shops featured in Privacy and Crossing The Threshold are both within metres of each other on the same street in Colchester: the aptly named Butt Road. Naturally these two were attached posts about the sex therapist sketch.

Another sex therapist post taken in Brighton on the hottest day of 2009: Abstain features a really rubbish pun. Sorry.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Festival Fourth

The fourth and final show in Behind The Bike Shed's summer festival is tonight, but more on that later. Prior to the Bike Shed show is the preview showing of Zoe Cooper's play You Can't Go Swimming With Your Ex Husband, which we were raising funds and awareness for with Coop's Comedy Club which seemed to work.

Entry is £5, and the show starts at 2:30pm at the Electricity Showrooms over the road from us at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. So you can see Zoe's show at 2:30pm, cross Hoxton Square, see us and at 4pm, entry is £6, tickets for our show are available on the door or here.

Two shows for £11 is not bad, but two shows and a party for £11 must be a bargain.

The Bike Shed show is followed by a party starting at 6pm, entry is £4 for just the party. The party features performances from The Hammock Brigade, Eyeful and a DJ set from Aaron Francis Walker.

So your last chance to see the Bike Shed show is also your first chance to see You Can't Go Swimming With Your Ex Husband, if you miss the latter then you'll have to head up to Edinburgh to see it.