Sunday, 1 August 2010

Festival Fourth

The fourth and final show in Behind The Bike Shed's summer festival is tonight, but more on that later. Prior to the Bike Shed show is the preview showing of Zoe Cooper's play You Can't Go Swimming With Your Ex Husband, which we were raising funds and awareness for with Coop's Comedy Club which seemed to work.

Entry is £5, and the show starts at 2:30pm at the Electricity Showrooms over the road from us at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. So you can see Zoe's show at 2:30pm, cross Hoxton Square, see us and at 4pm, entry is £6, tickets for our show are available on the door or here.

Two shows for £11 is not bad, but two shows and a party for £11 must be a bargain.

The Bike Shed show is followed by a party starting at 6pm, entry is £4 for just the party. The party features performances from The Hammock Brigade, Eyeful and a DJ set from Aaron Francis Walker.

So your last chance to see the Bike Shed show is also your first chance to see You Can't Go Swimming With Your Ex Husband, if you miss the latter then you'll have to head up to Edinburgh to see it.

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