Sunday, 28 September 2014

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Following the award ceremonies held by the High Sheriff of London and the Chief Constable of Herefordshire, we were more than a little surprised to be invited to do it all again.

We were nominated for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Police Public Bravery Awards 2014 and were both presented with certificates and silver medals. We are pictured here with Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde on the left, Assistant Chief Constable Michelle Dunne and Chief Constable Andy Bliss on the right. For some reason, we both look a little like we were being held at gunpoint.

For the record, we weren't.

We're pretty sure that's the end of it, but then we probably said that after the trial, after the first award ceremony, after the second...

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Please Release Me: Yet More Star Trek

More Star Trek material as-yet-unreleased on DVD. This time trailers for the final season of Star Trek: Voyager:

Captain Janeway

Tom Paris


Seven of Nine

Who knows what Chakotay, Torres, Neelix, Kim and the Doctor (no relation) did wrong?

Saturday, 13 September 2014


The second thing I wrote for Bad Teeth was a guide to Hauls. For those that are unaware of them, which definitely included me when I got the brief, Hauls are videos filmed after shopping trips in which the overprivileged show off outfits they've just bought. Yep.

I was very proud of my script. If you like the video, then great, but this is not my script. It's a strange experience watching something you've written. Knowing what comes next, but still wondering how it has been interpreted. Watching this was an even stranger experience. I barely recognised it.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Just One Job

What seems like aeons ago, I wrote a script for a comic for inclusion in The Psychedelic Journal Of Time Travel. I had no idea it was even out yet, but it is available for purchase here.

My strip is called Assassin and features some truly fantastic artwork from Paul Ridgon.

Not only is it already out, but it's also been reviewed as well. Judge Tutor Semple describes it brilliantly as "An assassin, who is sent through time for one job. Just one job.", so I won't try to do better than that.

He goes on to say of Assassin that it's "A very well put together story with a marvellous twist, the plot addresses the Grandfather Paradox. Again the art is simple and clean and leads the reader through the tale well."

Which is nice.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Sarah's Trek Into Darkness

So, we watched Star Trek: Nemesis and Sarah cried. The following contains SPOILERS for Star Trek: Nemesis and the Star Trek: Countdown comic.

We both enjoyed the film more than I expected. Sarah laughed at Data's singing, liked the Argo sequence and was glad to see Guinan and Spot back. She was disappointed that Troi was now married to Beardy and that we see more of Shinzon than the Enterprise crew. Then Data jumped ship and saved Captain Picard. Sarah was on red alert and knew something was up. Data fired his phaser into the green MacGuffin and exploded into a billion separate fragments. Dead, dead, dead.

Sarah stared unbelieving at the screen and cried. She cried all though Picard's "absent friends" toast. She stopped crying, but still couldn't quite believe what had happened.

B-4 began to sing 'Blue Skies' and what I had hoped would be an encouraging note to end on didn't really make much of a difference to her. It wasn't really her Data.

Fearing the worst I had bought Sarah a copy of Star Trek: Countdown, in which, somehow, Data subsumes B-4 and becomes Captain of the Enterprise (I haven't read it yet myself), she was touched, but it didn't stem the tears.

Sarah cried, but it could have been worse. She might not have cried.