Monday, 26 July 2010

Festival First

So rehearsals are over, Nik Corrall's set model (above) has been turned into a full size set (Nik Corrall's models of actors, also above, were well above the call of duty) and the giraffe braved the streets of Hoxton (below).

The first show in the Behind The Bike Shed Summer Festival 2010 is tonight at the Electricity Showrooms at 7.30. Entry is £4, tickets available on the door or here. I wrote a couple of scenes for it and I'm in three.

The show is followed by a selection of films by Anna Masing & Dany Aivliotis, George Swift, Vera Chok & Adrian Gillott, Nik Correll, Anthony Gurner, Benjamin Roberts, Mr Carruthers Presents... and John Dayo. I'm in three of them.

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One of Them said...

Are you still rehearsing?