Saturday, 2 January 2021

Announcing Big Damn Heroics

This is something of an experiment: I plan to write about an episode of Joss Whedon's science fiction/western series Firefly every week for the next approximately fourteen weeks and if wildly successful, possibly beyond. I'm calling it Big Damn Heroics
Firefly concerned the spaceship Serenity, its crew and passengers and the adventures that blurred line between the two. The TV show premiered in 2002, was sorely mistreated by its network and cancelled all too soon after. 

In total, there were fourteen episodes broadcast, albeit in the wrong order, in varying timeslots and often pre-empted by sports events or movie repeats. I'm going to be writing about the series in its intended broadcast order, which is also the how the episodes were presented on the DVD and Blu-ray releases. I would argue that it has pretty much supplanted the original broadcast order. That said, I'll be definitely making lots of references to the contradictions and confusions that this caused. 

Each Saturday, I will publish an article on Patreon about a new episode, beginning with:

3) Firefly: Bushwhacked (16th January 2021)
4) Firefly: Shindig (23rd January 2021)
5) Firefly: Safe (30th January 2021)
6) Firefly: Our Mrs Reynolds (6th February 2021)
7) Firefly: Jaynestown (13th February 2021)
8) Firefly: Out Of Gas (20th February 2021)
9) Firefly: Ariel (27th February 2021)
10) Firefly: War Stories (6th March 2021)
11) Firefly: Trash (13th March 2021)
12) Firefly: The Message (20th March 2021)
13) Firefly: Heart Of Gold (27th March 2021)
14) Firefly: Objects In Space (3rd April 2021)

If these first fourteen find an audience then we can talk about the movie, the webisodes, the comics, the short stories and the novels in subsequent articles.

So please join me every Saturday for some Firefly.

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