Friday, 23 August 2019

Five More Outsides In

ATB Publishing have announced the contents of the next four five volumes of Outside In.

The X-Files Outside In will be split into two separate volumes. The first entitled Outside In Trusts No One covering the first six seasons, the first film and the original series and TV movies of Kolchak.

The second volume is called Outside In Wants To Believe (as predicted), and covers The X-Files seasons seven to eleven, the second X-Files movie, Millennium and The Lone Gunmen. No word yet on Harsh Realm...

The volumes concerning Babylon 5, Twin Peaks and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine remain as yet untitled, but some details have emerged. The Babylon 5 Outside In will feature the TV series, the TV movies, Crusade and Babylon 5: The Lost Tales. The Twin Peaks Outside In will be the first in a series of shorter volumes. There are no details yet as to what the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine contains, but the smart money is on 173 episodes of that series, Birthright Part One, Caretaker and maybe even that bit of DS9 you can see over Quark's shoulder in Firstborn.

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