Monday, 6 August 2012

Please Release Me DVD #6

Star Trek and its various spinoffs are all available on DVD, aren't they?

Yes.'s more of a yes, but...

Yes, but somehow things still get overlooked. In previous Please Release Me posts I've resisted posting videos, but I've had a change of heart and so here are four chunks of otherwise unreleased Star Trek:

Star Trek: The Animated Series Public Service Announcement
Many eighties cartoons end with a public service announcement or moralising coda. The practice was apparently less common during the seventies , but he animated Star Trek did its bit here for the "Keep America Beautiful" campaign with in character appearances from William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and George Takei. Sadly left off the TAS DVD box set (apologies for sound quality):


The Star Trek Logs
In 1991, Star Trek was twenty-five years old, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country was in cinemas, Star Trek: The Next Generation was in its fifth season and tied into the movie with the two-parter Unification. In short, Star Trek was everywhere and apparently MTV wanted in. Featuring interview segments, stock footage and surprisingly Marina Sirtis in character as Deanna Troi.
Omitted from the TNG Season 5 DVD box set and so in appalling picture quality here is The Star Trek Logs in three sections:


Star Trek: The Next Generation on Comic Relief
Filmed on the Enterprise-D sets during the final season of TNG, but again left off the relevant DVD, a Picardless crew discuss the work of the US version of Comic Relief in a sketch that could have done with a few more jokes:


Star Trek: Fables And Folklore - The Young Hunter
A nice little animated insight into Klingon custom. Still available on the official Star Trek website, but it would also have been a perfect extra on the TAS DVD. Here it is:


Are there any other Star Trek bits and pieces that were overlooked for DVD?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The animated series isn't available on DVD, is it?

Dave said...

It certainly is, Alex. I can recommend it.

Tony Laplume said...

It's not surprising that these weren't included in Paramount's DVD releases. They're certainly interesting, though. I had no idea they existed.

Maurice Mitchell said...

The "Hoo-Pie" joke killed me. I would definitely want these on DVD. BTW I'm watching Star Trek TAS is on Netflix.

Dave said...

Tony, I'm not surprised that they weren't on the DVDs, but I am a bit disappointed. I would imagine the copyright issues are far more complicated.

Maurice, are you enjoying TAS?