Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Search Me

I signed up to Google Analytics about a year ago and one of the pieces of information it provides me with is a list of things people entered into search engines that brought them here.

Here are some of the oddest:

'a song for the dead kalnay'
'ben elton'
'isle of man'
'curzon soho death wish easter'
'songs of child labour'
'sendspace tim key the slutcracker'
'a doll's house cahracter atudy'
'haki ali comedian uk'
'priveliged teenage scene'
'lizzie and sarah bbc julia davies megaupload'
'"hayley" sc'
'trash city'
'red laces marathon meaning'
'jack thorne'
'graham norton show'
'a thousand stars explode in the sky'
'cannot read with a valid scenery.cfg fsx'
'litefoot jago'
'where can i download 7 evil exes by the former fat boys'
'alien prequel script harvest'
'ado annies accent'
'base drum countdown effect'
'“ed ryzowski” awful'
'34mins is how much hours'
'cocuration and public history'
'child labour posters'

Of course by listing them here, they stop being odd and become a list of things genuinely mentioned on my blog...


Lisa Ricard Claro said...

You've created interesting irony, to be sure! Maybe better to call it an eclectic array. LOL Thanks for sharing. I always love to start the day with a grin!

Dave said...

I like a good paradox.