Thursday, 10 February 2011

1000 x Carruthers

The Mr Carruthers Presents...Daily blog has reached 1000 posts. Crikey.

The predictive proclamation back when it was only 500, has finally come true, but things have changed a little since then. As a group Carruthers hasn't done anything new since then and I think it shows in the contents of the blog.

We have plans...

But in the meantime, whether it gets read or not, I have written 1000 posts for that blog. Alright many of them are simply copied and pasted from people too dead to sue us and other are links to videos we have had very little to do with, but still it represents a large investment of my time.

Here are a few of my favourite posts:

Something Unreal Exists

Hand Dryer Fryup

Bobby Davro

Pigs Might

Trouser Snake

Felis Anisodactyly

The Lord's Day

Famke's Johnson

Christ's Mass


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