Thursday, 14 October 2010

Kill Tintagel

In a play called The Death Of Tintagel it is not surprising that there are people who want to bring about his end. Unfortunately for Tintagel there are more people against him than there are on his side. His grandmother, the Queen, and her handmaidens are out to get him, but probably more sinister than that is the fact that his sister Bellangère and friend of the family Aglovale are fairly indifferent to his fate.

"You can tell what happens just by hearing the title."

In the light of the apparent popularity of a recent spot the difference contest that wasn't (sorry about that) and because Aglovale is far more interested in his crossword, than he is in Tintagel's ultimate fate. I thought that a genuine puzzle might go down quite well and possibly make up for misleading you. Apparently the first ten people to finish this win a prize that has been described as ginormous:


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