Thursday, 19 August 2010


So the website is closed and the final count is in, but first a very big

Thank You


Garry Collier, Marleen, Beth Williams, Alan Williams, Tanya Jones, Sarah Holmes, Anne Howells, Carrie Parsons, Mary Nelson, Nelson Browne Management, Emily Wood, Maggie Davison, Teresa Walker, Nathan Onojaife, Anthony Quinn, Glen Barnham, Abigail Gallagher, Lowri @ Kings Place, Emrah, Emma @ Kings Place, Esther McAuley, Melanie Boyce, Iliana Flade, Jayne Dickinson, Mike Green (KPMF), Ellie Paskell, Erika Poole, Katie Ventress, Martin Carr, Simon Rhodes, Carl Barnes, Gary Merry, Barbara @ All Hallows, Anonymous, Mary Carroll, Stephanie Farrimond, Sanita Simms, Verity Clayton, Caroline Ginty, Dean Bavage, Mols, Jude and Finn, Andy Bloor, Melissa Anderson, Jean and Jon Miles, Bryan Evans, Nerys Lewis, Matt Hawksworth, Kathryn Wain, Deborah Scarborough, Mona Al, Donal & Rach, George, Jessie and Dorothy, Stephen Hicks & Simon Ives, O Nathapon, James Bisp, Abigail Tarttelin, Ros Harries, Sarah Daykin, Anna Masing, Mrs. Frequently, Holly Thomas, Ryan Forde Iosco, Christopher Nye, Jessica Stanley, Richard Doherty, Stephanie McWilliams, Karina Cornell, Lizzy Suffling, Gareth Owen, Nadia Nadif, Gavin French, Cat Nicholls, Lisa Rose, Nansi Eggleton, Nicola Berry, Alex Hornby, Ross Sadler, Sarah Wills, Patrick Harris, Pippa Neilson, Shubha Banerjee, Lucy V Hay, Carol-Ann Bavage, Simona Piantieri, Nia Davies, Anne Harskamp, Penny Davies, Anthony Clark, Ray Stahacz, Jay Venn, Laura Green, Nichola Doe, Sarah Holmes' Mum, Irwin, Alexandra Bell, Zoe & Glen, Valentina Cartago, Cameron Cook, Eleonore Mills, Ellie Pullen, Andrew Wain, Katy Organ, Dean Bavage (again), David Flynn, Ri McDaid-Wren, Antonia Christophers, Mike Jenkins, Zoe Cooper, Charlotte Moore, Ashley Williams, Spencer James, Melanie Boyce (also twice), Anne Howells, Anthony Howells, Claire Smith, Matthew Raymond, Lyndon Edwards, Penny Dimond, Bill & Sue Nelson, Penny Davies (extra), Gillian Crew and Ann Firbank.

Together you've raised....


There are some examples of what the money will spent on here.

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