Thursday, 26 August 2010

Carruthers Camera #7

More photos taken for the Carruthers blog:

Pretty was taken unsurprisingly in a toilet. A gents toilet in Leyton.

Error is a message that appeared on my computer screen two doors down from a gents toilet in Leyton.

Piss is a photo of a sign in Bank station and accordingly found itself in a post about the trainspotting sketch.

Clearance was taken not far from the urine sign, except above ground, obviously.

My advice to anybody taking whimsical photos like this is be careful where you do so. Moral Decline was taken in a Didcot clothes shop and although there were no children about I was regarded with stares of mistrust as if I had just drowned a baby in semen.

1 comment:

One of Them said...

Don't ever take a camera into the Gents toilet again.