Friday 9 April 2010

Carruthers Camera #1

Due to its daily nature the Carruthers blog uses up a fair amount of photos and pictures. They are of course mostly stolen from all over the internet, but I've taken a fair few photos for it myself and I thought I'd point out which ones they were here:

I mentioned Broadmarsh Close in a sketch about an estate agent and so when I was next in Grove I felt obligated to take a photo of it. The curtains were twitching so I didn't hang around.

Here is the set for the Peel This show we did at The Space. It was just Three Chairs.

I love how erratic Dings Donged looks. Perfect for a Knock Knock 2008 post.

All Aboard accompanied a sketch Andy wrote about trainspotting.

Pretender To The Throne is not a photograph of mayonnaise, but none-the-less it's attached to a post about a song that Andy and Mike wrote about Mayo. Easily the funniest song about Mayo, ever.

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