Wednesday 17 March 2010

Four Walls

The latest Behind The Bike Shed show is almost upon us and this time things are a little different.


As with In The Frame, there is an exhibition before the show starts, but this time it's of other forms of artwork as well as photography.

As usual the first show is at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, this time on Sunday 28th March. The doors open at 3pm, the show starts at 4pm, the ticket price is £4.

As unusual the second show is at the Etcetera Theatre on Wednesday 31st March. The doors open at 6:30pm, the show starts at 7:30pm, the ticket price is £6 (or £4.50 if you are an Etcetera member).

It may seem strange that exactly the same show could have two entirely different prices, but in our defence the seats at the Etcetera are probably £2 (or 50p if you are an Etcetera member) more comfortable than those at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.

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