Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Insecure Writer's Support Group #3

Another month, another Insecure Writers Support Group.

This month's support group is co-hosted by Jacqui Murray, Lisa Buie-Collard, Sarah Foster, Natalie Aguirre and Shannon Lawrence. A big thank you to them.

Since last month's post, writing really has taken a back seat. Between work and childcare and trying to get more work there hasn't been time for more than a couple of sentences here and there. The strangest thing is that whilst I haven't had time to commit anything to paper, I've been absolutely brimming with ideas.

Isn't that weird?

This month's (optional) question is: "Other than the obvious holiday traditions, have you ever included any personal or family traditions/customs in your stories?"

Not really. I once wrote a sketch about Scrooge and Marley from A Christmas Carol quibbling over the details of the ghostly night ahead.

Believe in me or not, it changes nothing. You will be visited by three spirits.

Oh, let me get a pen.

It’s quite simple.

Just a second. You can never find one when you need it, can you?

Where was I?

I will be visited-

You will be visited by three spirits.

(as he writes)
I will be visited by two more spirits.

Expect the first tomor- What? 
Three excepting yourself leaves two, Jacob, you should know that. Arithmetic was always your strongpoint, in life.

And so on. They treat a supernatural experience with all the reverence of a contractual disagreement. They split hairs, argue and completely squander an opportunity for a reunion. I was quite pleased with it.


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

hahaha. Too funny. That would be me, arguing over semantics.

Damyanti Biswas said...

It isn't weird but I do hope you put them down before they fly away!

Jacqui Murray said...

Love that line--"They treat a supernatural experience with all the reverence of a contractual disagreement." Good luck with the job hunting!

Dave said...

Joylene, it's good to know what you're letting yourself in for.

Damyanti, I try.

Jacqui, thank you

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That was funny.
Just let those ideas keep coming to you. Better than having none.

emaginette said...

I hope the brimming never stops. :-)

Anna from elements of emaginette

Shannon Lawrence said...

That sounds like a funny piece! Sometimes I get a ton of ideas, but I'm not in the right place for writing. It happens. Do you jot them down?

Allie Bock said...

That's funny!sometimes a break is needed for your creativity!