Thursday, 31 January 2013

Harlem Heroics

When I first began reading 2000 AD, I loved Judge Dredd, but I was fascinated by the shared universe in which he exists. Many other strips from the Galaxy's Greatest Comic take place in and around Dredd's Mega-City One, other Mega-Cities across the planet and its Cursed Earth. Some are contemporary with Dredd, some take place in his past and some in his future. Many are spin-offs, but some begin entirely independently and were subsequently dragged into the same continuity as Old Stoney Face.

Harlem Heroes is just such a strip. Appearing a week before Dredd in 2000 AD's very first Prog it featured a sport that was a cross between American Football and Boxing played with jetpacks and a team that someone was out to kill.

In 'The Academy Of Law', it transpired that one of Judge Dredd's potential colleagues was the son of Giant, the Harlem Heroes Team Captain. In light of that I have taken Dredd Alert back to the beginning to cover Harlem Heroes as well.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Football and boxing combined? That would be one heck of a violent sport.

Tina said...

Hi! Like Alex said, that sounds like a um, great sport. I think I prefer Quidditch...
Just stopping by to welcome you to the A-Z Challenge!

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Nigel G Mitchell said...

That sounds awesome. Man, I wish I could read every Judge Dredd and Dredd related comic ever. I've only read one issue, and just mostly read about other people reading it and seen scans.

Dave said...

Alex, it is. The jetpacks don't make it any safer either.

Tina, thanks. Quidditch has its violence too doesn't it?

Nigel, thanks. I don't have access to the original issues, I'm using the readily available graphic novel reprints.

Anonymous said...

Super heroes! They can do anything!