Thursday, 23 June 2011

Carruthers Camera #15

Another five of the photos I've taken for the Carruthers blog:

No Dumping is a sign in the middle of the mess of road works and bulldozed houses that is Bounds Green at the moment. It's a bloody nightmare.

The Wicker Woman proudly bares her assets in a shop window in Saltaire. She piqued my interest enough to make it into a sex therapist post.

This entirely Plants-free photo was taken in Wood Green in London. Quite how often the Community has suffered from such Illegal Selfishness I'm not entirely certain.

Pardon is photo of a piece of art available to the richest of patrons at the Frieze Art Fair in 2008. I took this while I was wandering about being one of the Romeos.

This Satellite View was not taken from space. Sorry. This Sat Nav post had to settle for looking down from inside the London Eye instead.

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