Sunday, 27 September 2020

Robercon Panel - Outside In: Exploring the Eerie Worlds of The X-Files and Kolchak

I am appearing at the virtual RoberCon 2020 later today as a guest on a panel called: From the Outside In: Exploring the Eerie Worlds of The X-Files and Kolchak to discuss the publishing of Outside In Trusts No One.

The panel is presented and/or moderated by Robert Smith? In addition to myself and himself, the panel also features Rigel Ailur, Lou Tambone, Anthony Wilson, Emma Caywood, Amy Banks, Chris Kocher, Kyle Borcz, Nicole Carlson, Mick Schubert, Rich Handley, Eric Pelot, Pamela Bridgeo, Dimitri Del Castillo, Melissa Beattie, Irene Richard, Ric Crossman, Jason A. Miller, Paul Benjamin, Christopher Cox, Keir Hansen, Sage Young, Derek Tyler Attico, Tony Contento, Colleen Hillerup, Nancy Hutchins, Andrew McCaffrey, Sebastian Garzón, James Bojaciuk, Jan Fennick, Kathryn Sullivan, Greg Long and Alina Marsfelder.

It all kicks off at 2pm EDT, which is 7pm GMT.

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