Wednesday, 30 September 2020


I put in an appearance on a panel at RoberCon the other day with thirty or so other writers from the Outside In series of books. The introductions alone took up the entirety of the first Zoom meeting and then another half an hour or so of the second.

I was expecting it to be far more chaotic than it was, but despite the number of people involved it worked out very well. It was great to put faces to the names that I've seen in the other books. The panel was recorded, but I have no idea if there are any plans to make it available on YouTube.

I've never been to a convention before and I think that I probably enjoyed this more as a result, because I wasn't comparing it unfavourably to a 'normal' convention. I'd love to be a part of something similar again and When This Is All Over I'd love to go to a convention everybody else would recognise as the way they normally were.  

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