Monday 14 September 2020

My Second 'Week' On Medium


I had intended to try and write an article on Medium every day, but after the first week, life got in the way and I failed. Here's the next batch of seven articles that in no way were posted over the period of a week: 

Things I Learned During My First Week On Medium, having managed the first week I decided to see what I have learned from the experience.

The Worst Day Of The Rest Of Your Life, a short story for the publication The Junction.

Six Word Sci-Fi, an attempt to tell a science fiction story in just six words.

A Letter To Lemuel Gulliver, of Gulliver's Travels fame.

Sarah's Trek, my wife's journey from never having seen an episode of Star Trek to being a massive Trekkie.

Science Fiction Short Story Markets That Pay, no less than twenty-four places to send that science fiction short story masterpiece.

A Star Trek: A Viewing Order, broadly speaking this is the order that my wife and I worked our way through all the Star Treks.

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