Friday, 19 June 2020

Outside In Makes It So Supplemental Published

ATB Publishing's book about Star Trek: Picard has been released as a pdf. Guaranteed no papercuts.

Outside In Makes It So Supplemental features zero writing by me, but instead contains the work of Rich Handley, Liu Yin, Jessica C. Clark, Anthony Wilson, Andy Hicks, Lars Pearson, Drew Meyer, Arnold T. Blumberg, Rebecca Iverson, Ashley Heaton Kuczenski, Eric Pelot and Jason A. Miller.

It's available to download here for the princely sum of absolutely nothing. If you enjoy this free foray into Outside In, please consider purchasing one of the other books. All money raised goes to Avert, a UK based AIDS charity.

While I haven't contributed to this volume, I have written pieces for a couple of other Outside Ins, but more on them later.

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