Thursday, 25 June 2020

Outside In Freebies

After this post about Outside In Makes It So Supplemental which contain no work form me, I discovered that ATB Publishing had given away several pdf freebies before and that one of them did feature my writing.

The first is Inside Outside In 2 which like the book that inspired it, is about Doctor Who since 2005. It features some work from Outside In 2 and some original writing as well: an introduction from Robert Smith?, an alternative take on Father's Day from Michael S. Collins, Death Is The Only Answer by Albert Einstein (as told to Kenyon Wallace), The Angels Take Manhattan by Jason A. Miller, The Night Of The Doctor by J.M. Frey, Prologue by me and The Doctor's Meditation by Robert Smith?

Th second is also Doctor Who related, This one was released a tribute to Jennifer Adams Kelley on the sad event of her death, Mise-En-Scene As A Narrative Force is her excellent piece on Logopolis, from the original Outside In.

And finally we have the Outside In Gains A Soul Sampler, which unsurprisingly samples Outside In Gains A Soul containing pieces on the Angel episodes Carpe Noctem by Trey Korte, Waiting In The Wings by Melissa Beattie, Unleashed by Roman Banias and You're Welcome by Jill Sherwin, alongside the Firefly instalment Objects In Space by David M. Barsky.

Again, if you enjoy these free slices of Outside In, please consider purchasing one of the books that spawned them. Again again, all money raised goes to Avert, a UK based AIDS charity.

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