Monday, 8 September 2014

Just One Job

What seems like aeons ago, I wrote a script for a comic for inclusion in The Psychedelic Journal Of Time Travel. I had no idea it was even out yet, but it is available for purchase here.

My strip is called Assassin and features some truly fantastic artwork from Paul Ridgon.

Not only is it already out, but it's also been reviewed as well. Judge Tutor Semple describes it brilliantly as "An assassin, who is sent through time for one job. Just one job.", so I won't try to do better than that.

He goes on to say of Assassin that it's "A very well put together story with a marvellous twist, the plot addresses the Grandfather Paradox. Again the art is simple and clean and leads the reader through the tale well."

Which is nice.

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