Saturday 1 January 2011

New Year’s Resolutions & Reading Shakespeare

Happy New Year.

I'm very good at making new year's resolutions, but not so good at keeping them.

Ruined by years of dry teaching at school, my relationship with Shakespeare is an awkward one. A director that I worked with recently said of it that "we have surrendered Shakespeare to the academics". In an attempt to rectify this, my new years resolution for the last two years running was to read all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays, in the time it took me to fail, he’s managed to write another one.

I’m going to try again and this time I’m going public in the hope that it’ll force me to do it. The plan is to read a play a week, an act a day, Monday to Friday and then to write about it on the Friday or Saturday. Last time it failed because I let things like work or running get in the way and when it slipped I didn’t get started again. I won't be running this time, but here's hoping work slows me down for all the right reasons.

This Friday: The Tempest


Maude Lynn said...

Good luck!

Dave said...

Thank you.

I start now: The Tempest, Act One, Scene One...