Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Death Of The Death Of Tintagel

Tonight is the last night of The Death Of Tintagel. There is apparently another review in the TLS, bus since I can't seem to get hold of a copy it'll have to wait, but more extraordinarily we even made the Malaysian press.

You can still buy tickets here

The Death Of Tintagel Cast & Crew
Ygraine: Vera Chok
Tintagel: Freddie Machin
Belangere: Caroline Kilpatrick
Aglovale: Adrian Gillott
First Handmaiden: Grace Willis
Second Handmaiden: David Black
Third Handmaiden: Catriona James

Writer: Peter Morris
Director: Vik Sivalingam
Producer: Anna Sulan Masing
Marketing: Jessica Stanley
Lighting by Jason Osterman
Graphic/Web Design: Federico Zinelli
Sound: Austin Spangler
Music: Alejandro Pelaez
Stage Manager: Teresa Gage
Costumes: Charlotte Randell
Props: Marc Barnes
Marketing & Party: Danielle Addley

TLS Review and Crossword Answers to follow...

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