Sunday, 20 June 2010

Carruthers Camera #4

Another batch of photos I took for the Carruthers blog:

Hop is a contribution to the collection of filth that accompanies the posts about our sex therapist sketch.

Suburban Shroomin' is a photograph taken of the worktop in the kitchen at my parent's house. I posted it to complement Mike's Drugs scene. I hasten to add that as far as I know neither of my parents take magic mushrooms, I've no idea why anyone would need such a bag though.

Barrel Fever was taken in another kitchen and ended up in another sex therapist post.

What day is it... was a homemade discarded sign for some event or other.

Take your pick was taken on an empty tube train, obviously. Empty except for me that is, obviously. This ended up in a trainspotting scene post. I suppose that was obvious too.

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