Tuesday 19 May 2009

Deceptions - Audition & Readthrough

Last week I auditioned to understudy the part of Adrian Wainwright in Joe Harmston's production of Deceptions, a new play by Paul Wheeler. I was offered the part, but I've never had to think so hard before about whether I wanted to do a job or not. On the one hand it's money coming in when times are hard, a chance to work on a tour the scale of which is new to me and with an impressive cast and crew. On the other hand the idea of learning half the lines in a play with the possibility of never going on is a strange one. Since I've never understudied before I thought I'd give it a go.

Yesterday we had the initial readthrough. It's the first readthrough I've been to without being called upon to read a word. It was a very peculiar sensation being read to.

Deceptions stars Michelle Collins and Rupert Hill, is written by Paul Wheeler, directed by Joe Harmston and may well be coming to a theatre near you soon.

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