Sunday 22 February 2009

Autism - Lunch

Here's the penultimate National Autism Society advert. Daniel struggles with social niceties during his lunch hour.

Again filmed at South Bank University, this was directed by Rowan Athale for Mystic Monkey Productions.


Susan at Stony River said...

This one is my favorite for some reason -- maybe for the laugh at the end, I don't know. But for every catastrophe autism has handed our family, it's also given moments of pure delight.

I mean, I do feel sorry for Miss Dumped, but the faces on the other two at the end are priceless.

We were in a shop just this evening, and a girl about Fergus' age ran up to him and said hello, then chatted away and finally had to ask him if he recognized her (they're in the same school). He looked her up and down, said 'No', and walked on. I was *mortified*, and she stood there amazed, and what do you do? I didn't know -- I smiled at her and asked how she liked school, and she just turned and left me there.

Ah well.

Dave said...

It's lovely to hear of Autistic delight. That's definitely not something you hear often enough.