Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest

A group of Bloggers got together to sing the praises of Alex J. Cavanaugh and potentially embarrass him. I signed up for this and then got a bit busy and nearly missed this. Sorry Alex.

I haven't done this properly, so sorry to everyone looking for answers to questions and flash fiction. Sorry Alex.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Alex. Thank you Alex. He comments on practically everything I write and not just to say hello but always with something enthusiastic and engaging and inspiring. I realise that sets the bar pretty high if you comment on this post Alex. Sorry Alex.

He has, at the time of writing, 1715 other followers and I'd wager somehow he probably visits each of them just as often. Not only that but he has an army of ninjas to look after, he runs support group for insecure writers, he's in a band, has written two novels and possibly has a real life in the real world as well. Alex is forever making introductions, promoting other people's efforts and championing other writers. It shames me that he can do so much so often and I don't. Thank you Alex.

People talk about a 'blogging community' and it seems a bit disingenuous. We are often writing something and then throwing it into the void in the hope that someone finds it and reacts. Alex is the connection between so many of us. I can't count the number of times he's recommended something great and through that I've discovered a blog that I now read regularly. It's hard to deny the community spirit that Alex has engendered in us all. Maybe that makes us a community, but if it doesn't I'd settle for us being Alex's friends. Thank you Alex.


Tony Laplume said...

Here's the skinny on Alex: he's actually a conspiracy of several individuals, whom we're still trying to track down. Currently they're hiding in the wilds of Canada. There's a lot of space there.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

No need to say you're sorry! I'm sorry it took me this long to get to your post.
Really appreciate the kind words, Dave. And glad you've found so many other awesome people through my blog. I shall continue trying to do my best for you and everyone in this community.
Thanks, man - you rock!!!
And no comment on my blog is lame.

Dave said...

Tony, a shadowy cabal on the run you say? Thanks for the info.

Alex, apology accepted. I mean it though. If we are a community, you are its foundation.