Friday, 22 June 2012

The Cherry Orchard & The Undiscovered Feedback

I've been reading and marking various evaluations of the two shows, which I won't trouble you with, but it's nice to get a bit of feedback.

Siobhan Dunne, the Deputy Head Of HRC's Creative Arts and Industries Department wrote this about The Cherry Orchard:

"This week has been a hot and hectic start to the CAI-Brox End of Year Shows. On Tuesday we saw an engrossing production of Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard under the thoughtful guidance of our guest Theatre Director David Williams. A lyrical adaptation of this Russian Classic which made exacting demands on our Year 1 level 3 Performing Arts student actors. This 1904 play tackled the difficult issues of living in a time of transformation and the inevitability of change."

and then this about The Undiscovered:

"Last week the year 2 drama also performed their devised show which conjured up ghosts in theatre and a battle between the living and the dead over the "Scottish Play". Thanks to David Williams our guest director for all his hard work this term – we hope to be able to invite him back again."

Which was nice.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's awesome! We need that positive feedback sometimes.

loverofwords said...

You cannot go wrong with Chekhov. His short stories are classics but sometimes ruined by poor translations. Congratulations to the theater group for performing this play.

Dave said...

Thank you both.