Monday, 29 August 2011

Carruthers Camera #18

Five more photos I took for the Carruthers blog:

Unlucky and Porn Peddle Pen were both photos of closed shops and were both taken on Walthamstow High Street in London.

Infant Intruder was taken around the corner from the two above and made me laugh so much in the street that people stopped, stared and discussed me at length in Urdu.

Prickly Pair was in the window of a solicitors office on Leyton High Road in London which was inexplicably filled with all manner of frog ornaments. Why that would put you in the necessary frame of mind to accept their legal advice?

Privacy was taken in Wood Green in London. Thes are the neglected flower beds outside a neglected corporate building owned by a large corporate entity whose public image would promise you much more.

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