Tuesday 12 April 2011

Black Squadron

Adam and Joe have recently returned to the BBC6Music airwaves. Those that listen live to the show's first half hour are dubbed: Black Squadron. Members of Black Squadron are assigned a task to perform, usually in the form of an instruction that is open to interpretation and then given the duration of a song to get it done.

Despite listening to the show for a long time, I've only managed to be part of Black Squadron twice. For various reasons, I've been too Slack Squadron the rest of the time.

To celebrate the return of Adam and Joe to BBC6Music, here are both my Black Squadron efforts to date, the instruction followed by the photo:

'Human Christmas Tree':

These are my feet and this is my T-shirt. Although this is not necessarily how I wear it. Other Human Christmas Trees, can be found here.

'Unusual Sandwich':

Sarah named this one Dalek Bread. Other Unusual Sandwicherie here.

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