Friday, 31 December 2021

My 2021

It's been another weird year.

I can confirm that looking after a two year old, is much more difficult than looking after a one year old. This rate of mathematical progression does not fill me with confidence in light of my impending duty to look after a three year old.

As far as I am aware I did not not get Covid, but instead I did get two vaccine doses and booster, which was pretty incredible given where we were this time last year.  

Outside In Wants To Believe was published containing my article, You Say Goodbye, And I Say Hello.

Spatial Anomaly published Big Damn Heroics episode guides about the Firefly episodes: Serenity: The Pilot, The Train Job, Bushwhacked, Shindig, Safe, Our Mrs Reynolds, Jaynestown, Out of Gas, Ariel, War Stories, Trash, The Message, Heart of Gold and Objects in Space, as well as The R. Tam Sessions 416 Second excerpt, 1 and 22.

While there were articles that were exclusive to patrons about the deleted scenes from Serenity: The Pilot, Our Mrs Reynolds and Objects in Space. episode orders, opening narrations, character profiles of Badger, Niska, Saffron and the Hands of Blue, A History of the 'verse Part One & Two, Top Ten Firefly Flashbacks, Screentime, Top Ten Death Tolls and an analysis of the opening titles

Spatial Anomaly was neglected in the second half of the year, but I'm planning on continuing it in the new year.

There was also a top secret project that took up any free time that I had. I'll let you know what it was as soon as I can...

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