Monday, 28 December 2020

Outside In Takes A Stab Reviews

Some Outside In Takes A Stab reviews from the contributors. Ordinarily a review from the author would be less than impartial, but given the nature of the Outside In books that doesn't apply in quite the same way. On Goodreads, Outside In Takes A Stab currently has an average of .67 (out of five).

Reviewer: Daniel Kukwa
December 9, 2018 amazing

The fifth book in the "Outside In" series of critiques, and the fifth book to feature one of my articles. Buffy seems like another lifetime to me, and it feels a bit more ephemeral compared to the eternal power of "Star Trek" and "Doctor Who". That said, it certainly had an impact at the time, and while the effect of its kool-aid didn't last as long with me, it still had something to say, especially in its later seasons. So in spite of not being a die-hard fan, I hope I've contributed something worthy to this interesting collection. It's worth it just to read Graeme Burk's article on the episode "Witch" absolutely sublime tantrum.

Reviewer: Colleen Hillerup
August 17, 2019

Lots of expressions of Buffyism. Great book, but would be worth it just for Cameron Dixon's essay.

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