Friday, 13 November 2020

More Outside In Boldly Goes Reviews

Some Outside In Boldly Goes reviews from the contributors. Ordinarily a review from the author would be less than impartial, but given the nature of the Outside In books that doesn't apply in quite the same way. On Goodreads, Outside In Boldly Goes currently has an average of  (out of five).

Reviewer: Daniel Kukwa
December 23, 2016

Another fantastic celebration of classic geeky goodness from the folks at ATB Publishing. I have an article in here, in the depths of season three...but I won't toot any horns. There is more than enough within these pages to entertain & fascinate even the most discerning "Star Trek" fan.

Reviewer: Colleen Hillerup
August 14, 2017

So many opinions, one little series (that changed the SF world.) Thoroughly enjoyable. (Disclaimer, I'm one of them, but there's 116 more.)

Reviewer: Michel Siskoid Albert
May 31, 2018

I wrote an essay for Outside In Boldly Goes, but that still left me with 116 more by 116 other writers about 116 more original-cast Star Trek stories to read through. (Note that last phrase, the book includes essays for all of TOS and TAS, the movies both classic and Nu, and every story that features TOS alumni, including Relics, Unification, Trials and Tribble-ations, etc. as well as Galaxy Quest for good measure!) The mandate of the Outside In series is to give unusual takes on the material, whether in format or opinion, which I do admit sometimes tips the balance towards humor pieces that take down even beloved TOS episodes (the bad stories get taken down, and then the good stories might be taken down as an "alternate take"), but there are enough insightful essays to satisfy the hardcore don't-talk-shit-about-my-fandom Trekkie as well, and give them something to think about when they thought they'd had every possible thought already. Might even have saved The Motion Picture for me...

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