Sunday, 18 November 2018

Carruthers Ten Years On: October 2008

October 2008 on the Carruther's Blog was a busy one behind the scenes. Ten years later was equally busy with is why I'm posting this late.

We were picked up by the UK arm of Will Ferrell's Funny Or Die website and one of the videos was chosen for their Editorial Pick and we were invited in for a meeting. They sent us an email: "One of our video researchers was laughing a lot so we crowded round his computer and he was watching your porn-sitcom video. They're very funny little clips. I don't know if you noticed - but a couple of days ago you were our 'big deal' on the front page. We'd be very keen to have you guys continue submitting stuff for the site as it's actually funny - compared to most of the stuff that gets uploaded. So perhaps we should meet up and we can let you know a bit more about what we're doing, and you can tell us what you guys are doing and then we can formulate a cunning plan." and "your stuff is fucking funny - and is a joy to watch as is rare to find genuinely funny clips online."

It was a very exciting time and we put a lot of work into coming up with ideas. They were keen and offered us access to studio space, equipment and crew. Within a week, they had filmed and uploaded a remarkably similar idea to something we pitched and we never heard from them again.

For the record, we didn't meet Will Ferrell.

On the subject of the Sitcom Porn video, it was probably my favourite stuff to do on the blog. I used to come up with filthy name for a sitcom and then using MS paint I used to degrade the DVD cover. Looking back now, they still make laugh.

This piece of biting satire at the expense of George W. Bush. Remember him? I'm particularly pleased with the line "The man who puts the riot in patriot", which in retrospect now seems more appropriate when applied to the current incumbent.

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