Sunday, 20 May 2018

Carruthers Ten Years On: May 2008

So the Carruthers blog started exactly ten years ago today and I feel old. This is the first of my monthly tenth anniversary posts for it. Here's what happened in May 2008.

The first month or so, I was largely learning how Blogger worked.

We never did get around to interviewing The Hoosiers.

I'm quite pleased with the silliness of this one, but I'll admit that I'd only heard of Gramsci, the Italian Marxist, because there was a dog named after him in TV's Spaced.

And this one shows how little I knew what I was doing and was I'm sure written before I realised I could queue things to post at my convenience.

Reading them all back, I'm struck by the self-deprecating faux-jaded nature of them which was very much the stock in trade of how we joked with each other rather than the sketches themselves. It's obvious how much I cared, from how little I was trying to admit it.

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