Saturday 3 March 2018

Time Shadows Interview

In order to promote Time Shadows, the editor, Matt Grady asked each of the writers a trio of questions.

Here they are with my answers...

Matt Grady: What was the inspiration for your story?

David Black: Bizarrely, The Faculty. I was in the Regent Cinema in Wantage in Oxfordshire. Don’t go looking for it, it’s not there anymore (the cinema, not the whole town). It was way back in the last century and a group of friends and I were watching The Faculty. It was one of those stubborn ideas that kept resurfacing. It’s certainly the only reason I remember The Faculty. I don’t want to say any more or I risk giving too much away.

Matt Grady: How did you settle on a choice of Doctor and/or companion for the protagonist?

David Black: I went for the Fifth Doctor, because I wanted the story to fit in with some of the bleaker elements of Seasons Nineteen to Twenty-One. I wanted an alien companion which meant Nyssa or Turlough, and the idea of a story that put Nyssa centre stage without mentioning her father really appealed to me.

Matt Grady: Between the outline and first draft, did you add or remove any plot threads, characters, etc.? Any interesting reason why?

David Black: No, it was mostly about clarifying things that weren’t as clear as they could be.

Time Shadows raised money for a good cause and I would be grateful if you would consider making a donation to Limbforge, a charity that provide 3D-printed prosthetic limbs for those who need them.

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