Tuesday, 20 February 2018

More Time Shadows Reviews

After the demise of Time Shadows it seems a little cruel, but here are some reviews that I neglected to post at a time that they would have been able to sufficiently influence your purchasing decisions. Here they are anyway...

The rating for Time Shadows on goodreads see it at a 4.17 stars (out of 5).

Reviewer: Jolyon Tuck
June 24, 2017

This collection is a lot of fun. Every Doctor gets a go, with each story treating the TARDIS crew of the time with great respect. A lean towards first Doctor stories, the collection has a mix between good stand alone content and your popular fan self-referencing madness. You can enjoy the tenth Doctor and Rose in a celebrity historical, join the seventh Doctor and Mel at the theme park of animatronics, find out why there was such a shift in tone between seasons 17 and 18, and find out which parents would have the Doctor as a Godfather to their son. And that's without referencing the linking story for the Doctor and Clara that links a number of stories in the collection together.

Plenty more hits than misses in this one - and something for everyone. A personal delight was a story involving the Weeping Angels that I am completely convinced I now remember seeing on television - but I read it here first!

Reviewer: Stephen Hartwell
August 17, 2016

A fun set of stories with a wide range of Doctors and companions, neatly wrapped up into an over-arching 5-part story featuring the 12th Doctor and Clara. Highly recommended for Doctor Who fans, and it's for a good cause.

Reviewer: Bob Furnell
August 24, 2016

Never finished the book.

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