Thursday, 8 June 2017

Don't Vote Tory

Two years ago, I posted a message about the general election. Now here we are two years later and it seems more appropriate than ever:

There's a general election today.

Friedrich Schiller said "Every people gets the government it deserves."

Don't you deserve better than this?

This election genuinely feels like your last chance not to screw this up for everyone. Last chance for the NHS, last chance for anything previously enshrined in European Union law, last chance for education, last chance to see an end to tax beaks for the rich, last chance for the environment.

Two years ago, I merely encouraged people to vote, but as the result showed the electorate got it wrong. This time, I am imploring you: please don't vote Tory.

Don't vote Tory if you are now, have ever been or have ever met a child, an employee, a patient, a parent, a school pupil, a tenant, a pensioner, a student, a citizen, a policeman, a nurse, a paramedic, a policewoman, a teacher, a carer, a firefighter, a prison guard, a doctor, anyone who needs to use a foodbank, anyone in the Army, anyone in the Navy, anyone in the RAF, anyone with a disability, anyone with a learning difficulty, anyone with a mental illness, anyone who is homeless, etc.

The Conservatives have shown they can't be trusted with the NHS, they can't be trusted with education, they can't be trusted with national security, they can't be trusted with social care. It's not possible to live in Britain today and not see or hear what they have done with seven years of austerity. Austerity is a choice.

Knowing what you know, a vote for Tories makes you complicit. Complicit in the extra deaths their health policies will cause, complicit in supersize classes, complicit every time you hear of someone dropping dead soon after being deemed fit for work, complicit with everything this squalid regime gets away with.

I don't care who you do vote for. Just don't vote Tory.

They don't deserve you and you certainly don't deserve them.


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