Friday, 23 September 2016

Outside In: Boldly Goes Personnel

Outside In: Boldly Goes features contributions from the likes of Robert Greenberger (the Editor of DC Comics’ Star Trek), Rich Handley (Star Trek comics expert and Hasslein Books supremo), David A McIntee (novelist), Larry Nemecek (writer of Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion), Paul Simpson (Editor of Star Trek Magazine), Jonathan Blum (author), Kate Orman (author), Tat Wood (About Time), Shaun Lyon (Outpost Gallifrey) and Robert Smith? (editor extraordinaire).

Not to mention hundred more also-rans like me.

And here they are...

There you have it, folks: I have written about Relics, that episode of The Next Generation in which Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott beams in, drinks something green, feels out of place and helps to save the day. And yet, that's not really what I've written about at all.

Outside In: Boldly Goes is available for preorder here.

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