Monday, 21 March 2016

We Bought A House

In a move that's sure to set property prices rocketing/tumbling*, Sarah and I have bought a house! It has bricks, mortar, stairs and a window or more.

We've been in a about a month now and the number of boxes has diminished.

I don't post this to show it off, but out of enthusiasm. It's fantastic to finally have our own front door (pictured below).

It's not so long ago in the grand scheme of things that I had a somewhat precarious existence renting a room month to month and even shorter since we rented flats together with rocketing rents and lethargic landlords. It seems incredible to both of us that we have gone from that to owning our own home at a time when home ownership appears to be slipping out of the reach of many people. We have a lot of people to thank for help, direct and indirect, with the deposit, with moving, with moral support as we entered unfamiliar territory.

I have a lot of DIY projects to D and in some cases it will be a steep learning curve, but we're looking forward to putting our own stamp on the place.

* delete as appropriate


Filao said...

Living proof of how to move up North and prosper David!It's lovely to have you both in our village

Jefferson said...

You are very right in saying that owning your own home in a time like this is very rare. Well done on the ownership, you guys should celebrate it. The DIY projects will keep you nice and busy. I love the front door, wood and large in shape is right up my ally!

Jefferson @ T.J. Lamb Real Estate